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Navigating the dynamic world of the stock market can be both exciting and challenging. To thrive in this environment, it's essential to speak the language of the share market. Let's break down a few key short forms and acronyms that can add tremendous value to our trading journeys:
LTP - Last Traded Price:
LTP represents the most recent price at which a stock was traded. It's a crucial indicator of a stock's current value in the market.

CMP - Current Market Price:
CMP signifies the current price of a stock in the market. It's a valuable reference point for assessing a stock's performance.

VWAP -Volume Weighted Average Price:
VWAP is a trading benchmark that provides insights into the average price a stock has traded at throughout the day, weighted by its trading volume. It helps traders make informed decisions.

ATP - Average Trade Price:
ATP calculates the average price at which a stock has been traded during a specific period. It aids in identifying trends and potential buying or selling opportunities.

UC - Upper Circuit:
When a stock hits the upper circuit, it means that there's a maximum permissible limit on how much its price can rise during a trading session. This information is essential for managing trades effectively.

52W/H - 52 Weeks High:
52W/H represents the highest price a stock has reached in the past 52 weeks. It's a reference point for assessing a stock's long-term performance.

52W/L - 52 Weeks Low:
52W/L signifies the lowest price a stock has reached in the past 52 weeks. It helps traders gauge a stock's historical price range.

LC - Lower Circuit:
Similar to the upper circuit, the lower circuit indicates a maximum permissible limit on how much a stock's price can fall during a trading session. It's crucial for risk management.

Understanding and using these short forms can provide you with valuable insights and help you make more informed trading decisions. So, let's embrace this knowledge and elevate our trading strategies. Happy Trading!
Relative Strength Index (RSI) at the time of writing this article is above 70 levels suggesting strength to remain in the stock price.

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